5 National Trust Day Days Out In Buckinghamshire

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5 National Trust Day Days Out In Buckinghamshire

Beautiful Buckinghamshire is bursting with The National Trust’s splendid stately homes and marvellous manor houses, not to mention wondrous woodlands and other lush landscapes. 

If you want to see how a Prime Minister used to live, how the 19th-Century nobility styled their homes, or simply take some time out and relax in the rolling Chilterns Countryside, The Chequers is one of the best hotels in Buckinghamshire from which to explore. 

We’ve picked out five National Trust properties that are well worth a visit. Each is just a short drive from our boutique hotel in Marlow, where, after a day spent seeing how the rich and famous once lived, you’ll receive your very own VIP treatment…

1. Hughenden Manor

The former home of Victorian Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli is as spectacular a stately home as you can imagine. But there’s more to it than its fabulous red brick facade – during the Second World War Hughenden was used as a top-secret map-making facility, a fact that only emerged 60 years later. Once you’ve explored the house itself, choose from any of three walks around the beautifully maintained grounds, or let the kids have a run around in the play area. 

2. Waddesdon Manor

Take a stroll around Waddesdon and you might feel as though you’re starring in your very own period drama. That’s because the 19th-Century chateau provided the backdrop for a number of blockbuster moments featuring Cinderella, The Queen, Sherlock Holmes and James Bond. Head outside to the many acres of immaculate gardens and you may cross paths with Waddesdon’s very own herd of elephants. But there’s no danger of a stampede – these guys are wooden.

3. West Wycombe Park

West Wycombe Park was once the pleasure palace of Sir Francis Dashwood, an 18th-Century politician. Dashwood wasn’t exactly the shy and retiring type and his personality clearly influenced the incredible interior of this mansion. There’s plenty else to see and do at the site: take a 2.5-mile walk passing through the Dashwood Mausoleum and West Wycombe Village or visit the maze of underground caverns that is the Hellfire Caves. 

4. Claydon Estate

Florence Nightingale was a frequent visitor to this 18th-Century country house – it’s thought the ‘Lady of the Lamp’ spend her time there writing books on nursing, no doubt inspired by the idyllic setting. Now the courtyard is home to a restaurant, shops and a cafe; you may not find a grander setting for a coffee than Claydon!

5. Chiltern Countryside

Surely some of the most stunning scenery in England can be found in the Chiltern Countryside. Home to a group of bewitching beauty spots, the rolling hills are the perfect place to spend a day out walking. Climb Coombe Hill for a captivating view that reaches as far as the Cotswolds; take in the trees at wondrous Aston Woods; or embark on a longer hike passing the Prime Minister’s retreat at Chequers. After which there couldn’t be a more appropriately-named spot to refuel and relax than our boutique hotel in Marlow!

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