5 of the best hangover cures

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5 of the best hangover cures

After a night of marvellous merrymaking, it’s quite understandable if you wake up feeling a little less than fresh the next morning. We’ve all been there.

But what are the best ways to shake off a sore head? That’s something we know quite a lot about at The Chequers. As one of the best hotels in Marlow, we’ve helped revive many a worn-out reveller over the years. So here are five failsafe hangover cures – one of these will almost certainly get you back on top form…


Full English 

One of the reasons you feel a touch fragile If you’ve been a little too free and easy with the fizz may be the effect it has on your blood sugar. Come morning time, your levels will have dipped so it’s a good idea to top up on the carbohydrates. Toast and jam is a winning option, along with some coffee to stir the senses. Or if you’re feeling brave, push the boat out and have a full English. Our brilliant breakfast options are just one of the reasons we’re amongst the best hotels in Marlow. Only, you may feel the need to nap afterwards.


Hair of the dog

Of course, if you feel like bouncing back the boozier way you could always opt for the classic hair of the dog. A Bloody Mary is a tried and tested tipple; the tomato juice delivers a dose of vitamin C, while the spices release endorphins which make us feel good and lessen any lingering ‘hangxiety’. 



Alcohol is a diuretic and as a result, you may wake up feeling a little parched. A few glasses of water can help, or perhaps a mid-morning mocktail – a citrussy-sweet Virgin Mule has the perfect blend of fizz and freshness to perk you up.



A sensational way to say ‘so long’ to the shakes is to sleep them off. Being one of the best hotels in Marlow, our enchanting en-suite boudoirs have beds so soft and sumptuous you’ll be snoring away in no time. They’re perfect for an afternoon nap. The trouble is, they’re so comfy you might find yourself wanting to stay tucked up until the evening. 


Fresh air

If you’re feeling a little ‘jaded’, there are very few things that beat getting out into the fresh air – it nearly always helps get back to feeling your fabulous self. The Chequers, Marlow has an awesome array of walks within easy reach. Choose the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that is the Chilterns, or take a trundle up the Thames towpath. Get outside, get moving and get some colour back in your cheeks. You’ve got this!

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