The 5 Naughtiest (But Still Lovable) Dog Breeds

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The 5 Naughtiest (But Still Lovable) Dog Breeds

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll know that our furry friends have a tendency to cause mischief. 

No matter how many times you tell them not to chew your shoes, ‘rearrange’ the furniture or chase those squirrels, they can’t seem to help themselves (despite knowing that they’re definitely not being good boys or good girls). 

Well, according to a study by pet insurer Protect My Paws, some dog breeds are naughtier than others. And in this article, we list the 5 cheekiest.

At The Chequers, we boast one of the most dog-friendly pubs in Marlow (we run a dog-friendly hotel too!) and promise to pet your pooch no matter how prankish they’re feeling (in fact, we have a soft spot for the mischievous ones).


Japanese Spitz

These playful pooches might look like fuzzy little clouds of canine joy, but the study found 87% of Instagram posts about this dog breed were accompanied by the hashtag #naughtyboy or #badboy. 

So what is it about the Japanese Spits that makes them so mischievous? Well, they’re quite vocal and while that makes them good watchdogs, it means that they may bark the house down if they catch sight of a squirrel through a window. If they’re bored, they enjoy making their own fun, which usually involves chewing on furniture. And they rather like running off in search of their own adventures. But all is forgiven when one of the affectionate pups comes in for a cuddle.



A happy-go-lucky cross between the Bichon Frise and the Shih Tzu, the Schihcon is a small, friendly little dog that loves spending time with humans, especially children. They look like teddy bears, so it’s easy to think that butter wouldn’t melt. But they certainly have their moments, particularly if they don’t get the attention they feel their doughy eyes deserve. 


Wire-Haired Vizla

Working at one of the most dog-friendly pubs in Marlow, our staff meet a lot of these energetic and happy hunters. They’re typically easygoing, highly intelligent and especially skilled when it comes to finding birds (which isn’t such great news for the feathered creatures). They also tend to have one family member who’s their favourite, which is nice for that person (although everyone else may feel left out). Their naughtiness usually stems from the fact they’re a little stubborn and have A LOT of energy to burn. But we guarantee you’ll find it hard to stay mad at them for long.


These handsome Hungarian herding dogs are hard workers and super-bright. They tend to like the sound of their own voice and are willing to express their opinion a lot, particularly if they hear something out of the ordinary. They also love learning new tricks – so much, in fact, that if you don’t teach them any, they’ll make their own fun instead. That normally involves digging up your garden or running along the fence barking at passersby.



These scruffy-haired characters blend the intelligence of a poodle with the joie de vivre of a cocker spaniel. They’re very much the comedians of the canine world and enjoy nothing more than bouncing happily around the place, especially if it earns them a little extra affection. Something we’ll be only too happy to provide at The Chequers, which is why we’re one of the most dog-friendly pubs in Marlow. 


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