What To Pack On A Dog-Walking Day Out

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What To Pack On A Dog-Walking Day Out

Beautiful Buckinghamshire is the paw-fect place for a dog-walking day out or – better still – a whole weekend of wild wandering. 

At The Chequers, we delight in having one of the most dog-friendly pubs in Marlow

When you’ve finished traipsing the trails and chasing the Chilterns’ squirrels, our characterful country bar is the prime spot for some well-earned refreshments. We promise you and your four-legged friend the warmest of welcomes – tail wagging guaranteed!

Before then, it’s worth making sure you pack everything needed to keep your hound happy on a long day in the countryside. As seasoned dog walkers ourselves, we know a thing or two about this, so we’ve pulled together this helpful list of six canine essentials… 


1. Collapsible bowl

Doggie dehydration is a downer, so you’ll want to do all you can to keep thirst at bay. A collapsible silicone drinking bowl that packs away neatly in your knapsack is always a good idea. If you don’t already own one, the good news is they’re easy to find online. Although be warned: some aren’t quite sturdy enough to stand up to excited snuffling, so it’s worth doing your research and reading reviews first. 


2. Flea and tick repellent

If your dog could talk, they’d tell you that leaping about in the long grass is fun. Unfortunately, ticks like an overgrown field just as much and the blood-sucking parasites can cause debilitating Lyme disease. So before you head out, make sure you’ve given your best friend some anti-tick treatment. It’s available as shampoo, spray or chews, but speak to your vet if you’re not sure which to opt for. 


3. Light-up collar

If you’re walking your doggo in the dark, you’ll be able to keep an eye on their movements with a rechargeable LED collar. These high-viz accessories also let other walkers know your pooch is accompanied and can be handy for cyclists too. Best of all, you can choose from a selection of fun flashing colours making it feel like an outdoor doggie disco.   


4. GPS and activity tracker

If your dog is one of these mischievous characters who run off the moment you unleash them – even though their big, doughy eyes promised you they wouldn’t – it might be worth investing in a GPS tracker. These cost around £40 and attach to your canine’s collar. You can then track down their whereabouts using a smartphone app and ensure any local sheep aren’t terrorised for too long. 


5. Biodegradable poop bags

In the interests of leaving no trace and keeping the British countryside great, it’s worth talking about dog doo – more specifically, the importance of cleaning it up from our trails. Clearly, poo bags are a convenient option and biodegradable ones are better for the environment. The best thing you can do is bag up the mess and take it to a dog-waste-only bin. If you prefer a bagless approach, carry a hand-held scoop and bury it a few inches underground. 


6. Doggie treats 

Of course, when your expedition is finished, you’ll want to reward your furry friend for being a good boy or girl. So it’s essential to pack some doggie treats. If your stocks are running low, don’t worry; we sell plenty of these behind the bar at The Chequers. Proof, if needed that we’re one of the most dog-friendly pubs in Marlow.

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