5 Roast Dinner Must-Haves

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5 Roast Dinner Must-Haves

List any of the Great British institutions and the Sunday roast will come pretty close to the top. No question. 

However, what does cause debate – one that will often last for many hours – is what constitutes the ‘perfect’ Sunday roast. Your choice of meat, for example. Are you a chicken, beef, pork or lamb kind of person? Are you happy to go meat-free? What accompaniments can’t you live without? And how many condiments, if any, are permissible?

At The Chequers, we know a thing or two about a sensational Sunday roast. We reckon ours is right up there with the best restaurants in Marlow. So, at risk of courting controversy, we thought we’d wade into the argument. Here are 5 non-negotiable ingredients for a roast…

A glass of something to wash it down 

First, you’ll need to make sure your glass is charged. A rich, ravishing red? Perhaps a perfectly poured pint? Or maybe go crazy and have a cocktail. It’s Sunday afternoon, so no one’s judging. Of course, as well as having the best restaurants in Marlow, The Chequers boasts a brilliant bar, so If you’re dining with us, we’ll be only too happy to oblige. 


Can you have a roast dinner without a good glug of gravy? Technically, yes. But you’re almost certainly missing out because that rich, umami flavour makes it the best supporting actor of the meal. It adds flavour to your potatoes and veg and can even rescue overcooked meat. Although that’s not something you’ll have to worry about if you order one of our delectable dinners. 

Roast potatoes

Arguably the star of the show, a good roastie should be crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. To get that winning combination, experts recommend using Maris Pipers – the stellar Sunday spud. Par boil, then allow them to cool completely before blasting them in an oven for 40-minutes cooked in hot duck fat (or vegetable oil if your diet is plant-based). Finish with a sprinkle of salt and no one will be able to resist seconds. 


Of course, even though it’s Sunday, you need to eat your five-a-day. Plus, your plate looks prettier with some colour on it. So veggies are a must-have; the question is, which do you choose? A YouGov poll suggests Brits favour broccoli and peas, but at The Chequers, we switch the broccoli with cabbage and leeks for some extra sweetness. Just one of the reasons our roast rivals that of the best restaurants in Marlow.



They say that the proof is in the pudding. Well, we’ve seen enough bowls licked clean to know that ours are proven beyond all doubt. Our chefs have put their own unique spin on the Great British classics – Eton Mess baked vanilla cheesecake; sticky toffee pudding with glazed bananas and butterscotch sauce; and apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and Bailey’s custard. If your mouth wasn’t watering at the start of this blog, it almost certainly will be by now. 


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